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Happy pig
A pig that wasn't murdered.That was a dark sentence.No really he's happy.If he escaped from the slaughterhouse he would be relieved not happy of course relieved is a sub emotion of happy but still.
Name: Erzan.

Nickname/Alias: Erzan.

Occupation: Force sensitive.

Race/Species: Human.

Current Age: 20.

Gender: male.

Height: 60 inches.

Weight: 183.
Appearance: black eyes,athletic,medium muscles,Greek nose,Tall,pale,natural black hair but dyed blue,no facial hair,strong legs,strong arms.

Equipment: Lightsaber(needs to learn more),blaster pistol.

Force Powers: Animal Friendship,Breath Control,Farsight,Flashburn,Force Blinding,Force Body,Force Choke,Force Cloak,Force Comprehension,Force Empathy,Force Fear,Force Lightning,Force Listening,Force Sense,Force Speed,Telepathy,Tapas,Telekinesis,Force Persuasion,Battle Precognition.

Light saber Forms:  Lightsaber(the lightsaber you can make longer and shorter).

Lightsaber: A silver colored lightsaber with a rubber hand grip to make the wielder feel at more ease.The main reason for this is because the lightsaber metal is a mysterious type of metal which is good but the metal heats up to burning lengths in sunlight.It emits a light red blade and was obtained from a long spear looking ship that landed near where Erzan was living when he was little.
Weakness: Because he has no training he has no training at all it is hard for him to deflect lots of blaster fire at the same time,he is weak against double lightsabers and when he encounters a Person with a double Lightsaber his main goal is to cut the lightsaber in half so it can be easier to defeat the person.

Personality: Erzan is kind.He likes to talk a lot.He likes to eat food.He is a good at politics,speaking and debating.He likes to walk in the city he is living Corusant. He is planning to learn more about the force.He has killed plenty of smugglers, got almost killed by some bounty hunter,almost got killed by a certain bald,athletic build,dark armored Sith of some sort.Get angry when he is pushed to the limit and his battling skills gets to a amount of a Jedi or Sith master but after he stops fighting he collapses needs medical treatment and resting.

Ships: Erzan has a ship he got from a smuggler he killed which he traveled to Corusant and now lives.He calls it "The Juggernaut"

Rp Post: Skilled force sensitive living in Corusant 


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Jayathu Chankama Thantulage
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
I am a student I live in London. I am good at literature and drawing.I like to roleplay,draw,socialize and eat food!.


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